Eze village

Bus 82 will take you from Nice Vauban (or one of the other stops in Nice ) straight to Eze Village. In case you want to do a hike on the Nietzsche trail, more or less 45-55 minutes – be well prepared with at least sports shoes, sunscreen and full bottle of water.  You can take the train to Eze (bord de mer) or the 100 bus and get off at the stop Eze Gare SNCF/train station of Eze.

Photo by Peter Windsor

On the other side of the train station there is a lovely oasis that goes by the name “Bananeraie”, with delicious smoothies and amazing lunches. This is definitely worth stopping by, and the service is amazing. After hiking down from Eze you can visit the place before taking the train or bus back to Nice.

At the top of the Nietszche trail there is a perfume factory, it goes by the name Fragonard, and you can go inside for a free tour about how perfume is made, and immerse yourself in the delicious scents at the end of the tour.

Further up, left from the factory, is the midieval village of Eze; here was a castle until 1706, but unfortunately it suffered the same fate as the chateau in Nice; Louis XIV destroyed it. All the way at the top you will find the ruins, in the midst of the Exotic Garden of Eze. The entrance costs 6 EUR full price, or 2,50 EUR for students with a valid student card. Take your lunch with you and don’t forget your best camera, for this is one of the prettiest places in the South of France, if not in the world.

The stunning view from the perched “Eagle’s Nest”

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