Riviera Bar Crawl

For those that have just arrived to Nice, the ultimate way to experience Nice’s nightlife is the Riviera Bar Crawl. To participate you pay 15 eur (10 eur if you are with a group of min. 10 people), and the guide will show you the way through Old Town (Vieux Nice), where all the action happens. You start at the Checkpoint  pub.

The Riviera Bar Crawl crew also organise canoeing, so if you feel adventurous, do not hesitate to join with your friends! Your transfer is included to Gorges du Loup, and you need a minimum of 4 people (max. 8 people) to participate. Prices: 60 eur p.p.

Last but not least, the Food Tours. Discover the culinary side of Nice, taste the delicious cheeses from the region, as well as the national French cheeses, the pan bagnat, the farmers recipe with chickpeas called socca, delicious fruit, some wine, french pastries, macaroons and more.

To make a reservation for groups up to 15 people please call or text +33 7 68 79 61 85 and let us know for what date you would like to participate, which of the above events, your name and with how many people you are.


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