Bus 15 – get off at Arènes / Musee Matisse

You’ve just arrived to Nice, and you don’t know where to start sightseeing seen as there is too many things on your to-do list. Cimiez might be a good introduction, seen as it has some archaeological sites that have been there for 4000 years. The Roman baths that are left are visible from the Parc des Arenes, but with the same ticket you use for the Matisse Museum just next to it – you can go inside and inspect them a little closer.

The park has a beautiful olive grove, and grass to sit on. Indeed an ideal spot for a picnic. The monastery that is right at the back end of the park has a lovely garden, and even further up a place to hide in the shade beneath the trees. The view over the Paillon river from up top gives a different perspective of Nice. For further questions, post a comment below!

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