Confiserie Florian

This candy factory located at the harbor of Nice offers us a unique chance to get some really original and authentic souvenirs. It consists of 4 different work-shops, each producing something different; chocolate, preserved fruits, crystallised flower petals and hard candy. For those with a sweet tooth, a must-see! The amazing jams they have are either made of citrus fruits or flowers – there is a choice of jasmine, violets or rose. The choice is yours!! Come and visit, go on a free tour, and test your taste-buds for this experience.  Fun fact: the artist Henri Matisse used to live just next to the shop, and get his chocolate here!

Make sure you come either in the morning, or after lunch hours, seen as the shop closes.
Sign up for a visit underneath, and we will take you there!


All products that can be bought in the shop are handmade!

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