Saint Agnes

Perched village above Menton

Sainte Agnes is known for being one of the most beautiful villages in France, and is located at a height of 750m. This village can be reached by bus from Menton (Zest busses), the last French city between Monaco and the Italian border. If you are looking for beautiful walks, astonishing views and beautiful little villages, you will love this place. Go to the nearest tourist office to find which hiking trails are to be found in this region, guaranteed you’ll have a lovely time in the hills, ideally located for a picnic.
To get to Menton from Nice you just take the train at the main station, or Nice Riquier, in the direction of Ventimille (Ventimiglia, Italy). It takes roughly 40 minutes. Menton is also known for its “Fete de Citron” in February each year.

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