Nice in Mourning

Girl placing flowers and toys on the 18th of July

It has been the most horrible day Nice has had in decades. For the local Nicois this has been utterly unimaginable and threatening, as it has been for the tourists. Yet, those that live here will have to deal with the shock that comes after. Some will be traumatised and not so eager to return to the place where the attack happened.

All my love to the families that lost their beloved, tout mon amour. It still seems unreal, in a city that we all love so much. A city that left countless of good impressions, especially to the people I met here or that visited me here in the three years that I have lived in this amazing city.

This has been the closest I have been to a terrorist attack, and nearly three safe years in Nice has abruptly come to an end. If I hadn’t been so lucky, and my timing would have been a couple of minutes off, I would have ended up in the crowds that I saw running by, from the first floor of the Meridien. Our safe place, where we were taken care of – and escaped the horrific fate.

It is hard to imagine that such a nightmare took place after the European football cup, after the start of summer, after the beginning of the sales at the start of July. There was a lively vibe, la Jour de la Bastille is a day to celebrate, not a day to take lives… This day turned Nice into a much quieter, gloomy place. Into something that it is not. We will remember the people that passed away, and we will continue our lives and not be threatened by terrorism, because we’re in Europe – we will support each other, and we will be strong.

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