La Madone de Fenestre

La Madone de Fenestre (Source:

If you like hiking, spotting a few marmots and chamoix – this location is good for you! By car it is 1h45 from Nice, but bus #730 leaves at 7:25am and 8:25am from Nice Ville  (Gare Thiers, main train station – make sure you have the right bus stop because there is at least three of them) as well, if you don’t have a car to get to St Martin de Vesubie. To get to Madone de Fenestre there is a shuttle bus to be taken, so you change bus to get this navette.  So one big bus from Nice, and a shuttle bus from St Martin de Vesubie; this shuttle leaves at the car park, but ask the tourist office in Nice for exact times, because on internet mostly time schedules from 2013 and 2014 are posted.

Especially the month July is great for wildlife, and marmots like to get out in the sun and do their thing. There’s a hike that lasts 1h to the lake, or one that lasts 1h30 over the same path. If you arrive early, you won’t risk being in the shade of the mountain that covers the path after 17h in summer. It’s a really enjoyable path, with a fantastic view over the valley, and in spring and summer you will have waterfalls too. One of the best places in the Mercantour to see cute little animals. The hike is not too steep, so friendly for kids too!


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