Coastal Walks

Cap d'Ail, little bay for swimming

Cap d’Ail, little bay for swimming

For those that are not exactly used to hiking, walking along the coast is just the perfect way to see some of the beautiful paths that lead you from Cap d’Ail to Monaco, for instance. The coast is filled with these narrow paths, and you will find a lot of people jogging here too. For those that want to escape the busy beaches of Nice, can come to Cap d’Ail by train, less than a 5 minute walk, and here you are! Paradise. The water is crystal clear, and it’s recommended you bring something to sit on, but this is fantastic if you want to seize the day, take a dip in the water, and sunbathe until the sun disappears! For those that want to see some fish, take your goggles and flippers, the temperature of the water in July and August is around 20 degrees Celsius. Nearby are some private beaches to be found, so, for a drink you can drop in the restaurants. Make sure to eat at the times when the French like to have lunch (12:00-14:00, no minute later!), seen as this is an unwritten rule for most successful restaurants. No worry, they  re-open again in the evening, if you’re really eager to try a new place.

Fun fact: just behind the people in the water there is a tree on the far left of the photo – that’s Bono’s little island with a pool on it!

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