Le Plongeoir

Have you always wanted to have lunch on a rock? This emblematic and atypical restaurant offers you a fantastic view over the sea, and the meal of the day starts at an affordable €28 p.p, including a main with a starters, or main and a dessert. Let us know below if you want to make a reservation, and we will call them for you!

60, Boulevard Franck Pilatte, Nice

However, this gorgeous restaurant did not always look like this. Before it had an even more astonishing look to it! This is thanks to the period of the Belle Epoque, that influenced all art forms. For more traces of the Belle Epoque (that lasted from 1870 till 1914) visit the Excelsior Regina hotel on the hill of Cimiez, as well as the Negresco Hotel. In front of what is now the Meridien hotel, there used to be La Jetee de la Promenade. Unfortunately this fancy casino that was built on the water, standing on wooden poles, was destroyed by a fire.

La Reserve – c. 1900 by Jean Gilletta

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