Hotel Monsigny

September has almost come to an end, and October is the last month that might still provide us with some warmth if we’re lucky! This place we’ve discovered thanks to Instagram, and will happily share with you folks. The roof has been installed in December 2015, and this summer it was time to show off what a great location this is. From 10am till 16pm you can come up here and relax in the jacuzzi, at the rooftop! Had a hard week’s work? Best 10 eur ever invested. Towels are provided, a soda/juice included, and from 16pm onwards cocktails are served. If you want a lounge chair, make sure to reserve, but there’s plenty of comfy couches. Our preference goes to this rooftop, where it’s always very quiet and a pretty well hidden gem!

Address: 17, avenue Malaussena, 06000 in Nice – 7th Floor


Festival of Russian Film

For the fourth consecutive year, the Cinematheque and Pathe Massena participate in this event, with it’s main goal to broaden our knowledge of Russian Cinema – especially Soviet film! With classics such as “War and Peace”,  Tarkovsky’s “Ivan’s Youth”,”The Mirror” and Mikhalkov’s “Burnt by the Sun” as well as a wide selection of traditionally Russian cartoons for the younger audience, this is a brilliant time to rediscover the forgotten times.

Below a video taken of a place in Nice connected with Russia, one that people tend to forget to visit! This beautiful Cathedral, built in 1913, is the biggest of its kind outside of Russia, and is a short walk from the main train station of Nice. It has recently been renovated, from the outside as well as from the inside.

Address of Cinematheque de Nice: 3, Esplanade Kennedy, 06300, Nice
Cinema Jean Medecin: 31, Avenue Jean Medecin, 06200, Nice

Coastal Walks

Cap d'Ail, little bay for swimming

Cap d’Ail, little bay for swimming

For those that are not exactly used to hiking, walking along the coast is just the perfect way to see some of the beautiful paths that lead you from Cap d’Ail to Monaco, for instance. The coast is filled with these narrow paths, and you will find a lot of people jogging here too. For those that want to escape the busy beaches of Nice, can come to Cap d’Ail by train, less than a 5 minute walk, and here you are! Paradise. The water is crystal clear, and it’s recommended you bring something to sit on, but this is fantastic if you want to seize the day, take a dip in the water, and sunbathe until the sun disappears! For those that want to see some fish, take your goggles and flippers, the temperature of the water in July and August is around 20 degrees Celsius. Nearby are some private beaches to be found, so, for a drink you can drop in the restaurants. Make sure to eat at the times when the French like to have lunch (12:00-14:00, no minute later!), seen as this is an unwritten rule for most successful restaurants. No worry, they  re-open again in the evening, if you’re really eager to try a new place.

Fun fact: just behind the people in the water there is a tree on the far left of the photo – that’s Bono’s little island with a pool on it!

Scenic Flight Over the French Riviera


Photo by Katya de Herder

For those that love flying, this is the ideal way to spend the morning or afternoon. The departure spot is at the airport of Cannes, where you can join Pierre, the air traffic controller at Nice airport. He is passionate about his job, and to complete his flying hours he likes to take you on a scenic flight over the French Riviera. For only €40 an hour you can choose to fly over either Monaco, Menton and Cap Ferrat, or to the direction of Saint Tropez, completely up to you! The pilot can take up to 3 people, and it costs €40 per person. The plane that is being used is a Piper Warrior, and you will be flying an hour for these €40. Advised is to take a pair of sunglasses and your ID. In case you are interested, fill in the form below or leave a comment, and we will contact the pilot for you!
Have a fun flight!!


Picasso House

From July to November 1946 this is where Picasso inhabited the 14th century Grimaldi Castle

This museum in Antibes is in the old centre of the village; and this is just by the seaside. A beautiful old building, with Picasso’s work on the second floor. This is where the artist lived for a couple of months – yet in that time he managed to create a lot of art in pastel colours. You will find his sketches here, and inspiration that he got. As well as the final works. Picasso’s Antibes is truly to be found in Antibes only.
Address: Place Mariejol, 06600 Antibes
Closed from 12h00 to 14h00 and opening hours from 10h00 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 18h00. Entrance fee for adults: EUR 6.

Take the train from Nice Ville station, or the bus #200 (1EUR50) and get off at the Antibes SNCF station.

In the area there is also  the daily market to be found in the Old Centre of Antibes. Another thing you can add to your list is the tourist train that goes to Juan Les Pins, a neighboring town with a sandy beach.


Fort Mont Alban

In case you want to visit a fortress that is usually closed to public and speak/understand a bit of French (the guides do not speak any English), this is the perfect location to visit in the month of August. This building has been here since 1560 and has got a unique view over Nice and it’s surroundings. The Duke of Savoy – Emmanuel Philibert, gave the order for this fortress to be built by the architect Domenico Ponsello. Join the guided tour and learn about the daily lives of the soldiers that lived here. Meeting point: in front of the Fortress, take bus #14, and get out at “Chemin du Fort“.
Access for children older than age 7 only, and free of entrance. For adults the price of the 1h30 guided tour is EUR 5, and for students EUR 2,50 (also if you are below age 26 or a pensioner). No wheelchair access.
Possible to book online until the 16th of September. First come, first served! Or if you prefer, you can also buy them in the Old Town of Nice at the address: Centre du Patrimoine, 1 Place Pierre Gautier, 06300 Nice

Fort Alban, 20 minute bus ride from Nice (get off two stops before final stop Mont Boron)

La Madone de Fenestre

La Madone de Fenestre (Source:

If you like hiking, spotting a few marmots and chamoix – this location is good for you! By car it is 1h45 from Nice, but bus #730 leaves at 7:25am and 8:25am from Nice Ville  (Gare Thiers, main train station – make sure you have the right bus stop because there is at least three of them) as well, if you don’t have a car to get to St Martin de Vesubie. To get to Madone de Fenestre there is a shuttle bus to be taken, so you change bus to get this navette.  So one big bus from Nice, and a shuttle bus from St Martin de Vesubie; this shuttle leaves at the car park, but ask the tourist office in Nice for exact times, because on internet mostly time schedules from 2013 and 2014 are posted.

Especially the month July is great for wildlife, and marmots like to get out in the sun and do their thing. There’s a hike that lasts 1h to the lake, or one that lasts 1h30 over the same path. If you arrive early, you won’t risk being in the shade of the mountain that covers the path after 17h in summer. It’s a really enjoyable path, with a fantastic view over the valley, and in spring and summer you will have waterfalls too. One of the best places in the Mercantour to see cute little animals. The hike is not too steep, so friendly for kids too!


Nice in Mourning

Girl placing flowers and toys on the 18th of July

It has been the most horrible day Nice has had in decades. For the local Nicois this has been utterly unimaginable and threatening, as it has been for the tourists. Yet, those that live here will have to deal with the shock that comes after. Some will be traumatised and not so eager to return to the place where the attack happened.

All my love to the families that lost their beloved, tout mon amour. It still seems unreal, in a city that we all love so much. A city that left countless of good impressions, especially to the people I met here or that visited me here in the three years that I have lived in this amazing city.

This has been the closest I have been to a terrorist attack, and nearly three safe years in Nice has abruptly come to an end. If I hadn’t been so lucky, and my timing would have been a couple of minutes off, I would have ended up in the crowds that I saw running by, from the first floor of the Meridien. Our safe place, where we were taken care of – and escaped the horrific fate.

It is hard to imagine that such a nightmare took place after the European football cup, after the start of summer, after the beginning of the sales at the start of July. There was a lively vibe, la Jour de la Bastille is a day to celebrate, not a day to take lives… This day turned Nice into a much quieter, gloomy place. Into something that it is not. We will remember the people that passed away, and we will continue our lives and not be threatened by terrorism, because we’re in Europe – we will support each other, and we will be strong.

Deli Bo

In the midst of the cosiest street of Nice, Deli Bo is situated on Rue Bonaparte. Not only does this place offer fantastic and fresh quiches, salads and other delicious lunches – they have their own patisserie that will take your breath away. Service is super friendly, price is very reasonable. Try some of the places in the same street, such as the Bar à Vin, with great cocktails and wines 🙂

Our favourite: the macaron with raspberry and lychees! Must try!!

Source : Ou Bruncher

Saint Agnes

Perched village above Menton

Sainte Agnes is known for being one of the most beautiful villages in France, and is located at a height of 750m. This village can be reached by bus from Menton (Zest busses), the last French city between Monaco and the Italian border. If you are looking for beautiful walks, astonishing views and beautiful little villages, you will love this place. Go to the nearest tourist office to find which hiking trails are to be found in this region, guaranteed you’ll have a lovely time in the hills, ideally located for a picnic.
To get to Menton from Nice you just take the train at the main station, or Nice Riquier, in the direction of Ventimille (Ventimiglia, Italy). It takes roughly 40 minutes. Menton is also known for its “Fete de Citron” in February each year.