Biking between St. Maxime and St. Tropez

Flat bike lane along the coast

If you want to spend a nice day just cruising along the seaside, this bike-trail is probably one of the better ones in the South of France. Luckily, the trail is pretty flat between the cities of St. Maxime and St. Tropez. This is unlike most roads in France, so it’s quite an exceptional tour. If you bike there and back between the two French coastal cities, it will add up to 24km in total, and by bike you see a lot of little places in between the two, which you wouldn’t see by car.

If you don’t have a bike of your own, you can rent a bike in St. Maxime for between EUR 10 and EUR20 a day with Liberty Rent (5, rue Magali, 83120, Sainte Maxime), depending on which type bike you want. Baby seats can be added on the VTC bikes. There are more bike hire stations, such as Rolling Bikes in Saint Tropez (50, avenue General LeClerc, 83990, St Tropez). Here the prices start at EUR12 for half a day, and go up to EUR29 for a full day. They have different sorts of bicycles; city bikes (with or without basket), VTT, VTC and road/racing bikes. Below you have an idea of how you can bike over the D559, distances shown are every 5 km. You can also start biking in Frejus or even St Raphael, a bike hire station in this area can also be found by the seaside; First Bike (595 Avenue de la Corniche d’Azur, 83370 Fréjus) and is open from 9:00 until 19:00.

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