Hike to Tete de Chien

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Picture taken by Klara Horakova

Are you ready to discover the second nicest view in the French Riviera, after the Botanical Garden of Eze? Then you better get ready for this weekly hike to Tete de Chien, or also known as Dog’s Head. The confusion started back in the day when this spot was a military base, the French word for “camp” is the same as in English, except for the “p” that isn’t pronounced. So for the Italians this was confusing, and therefore they would say “can”, which quickly became “cane”, meaning dog.

The weather forecast often predicts lots of rain, but in the 6 months that I’ve been hiking up this path, I have had a total of 10 minutes rain. Just for you to get an idea that the weather is often not what has been predicted.

This is a perfect hike for people that are new to hiking, it’s not a long hike – but for people that are not used to walking an hour a day you will have to watch out. It is also perfect for people that have just arrived in this region, so they know what to show their friends and relatives that come visit! Come well prepared, with a bottle of water and a bite to eat. We can have a little picnic up at the top.

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