Ferry to Saint Tropez

If you are tired of driving around and up for a boat trip to an unusual place, why not take this ferry to go to St Tropez from Nice? This 2 and a half hour ferry ride will cost you €72.50 p.p. This trip is organised by The Coastal Ride.

You will leave Nice’s harbor from Quai Lunel at 9am, and return back to Nice in the evening at 19:00, which gives you about four hours to explore Saint Tropez, which is more than enough. Birgitte Bardot is known to have made this town famous again in the ’50s.

If you’re staying overnight at St Tropez, try out the restaurant Au Caprice des Deux, it is open from 20:00 until midnight. Address: 40, rue de Portail Neuf, Saint-Tropez. It’s got food that is a little pricey, so make sure you take a good look at the menu before you go in 🙂

Pine trees, Old town of Saint Tropez and harbor

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