Celebrating the Patron Saint Reparate

Girl wearing traditional Nicois dress

If you haven’t walked past Place Rosetti these last few days, take a look. It’s full of red and white flags, there are balloons everywhere, red carpets, trees in huge pots… Something seems to be bound to happen this weekend!

It is a religious celebration in the honor of Santa Reparata, the famous story of the 15-year old girl that was found on a boat in the harbor of Nice – whose soul the doves had taken to heaven. It is after her that they named the biggest and oldest Cathedral (built between 1650-1699) in the Old Town of Nice, and this weekend is meant to remind us of her. There will be dances and laughter and lots of delicious food, try the Nicois Specialities at the restaurant located on the right next to the Cathedral, Lu Fran Calin.

You really can’t miss out on something unusual like this if you’re visiting this coming weekend, so if you want to learn a bit more about the history of Nice, don’t hesitate and join the huge get-together. Even some of the locals that haven’t really paid attention much to this event are wondering what this all really is about. Come listen to the maire’s speech on Place Rosetti, and don’t miss out on the gorgeous interior of the Santa Reparata Cathedral in baroque style, with beautiful pillars of marble and carvings.

Address: Place Rosetti, Old Town/Vieux Nice, Nice


Source: Canalblog

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