WWOOF-ing in Peille

Upcoming organic farms is what the world really needs these days, and with all the things happening around us in the political world, as well as on social media and in our work lives – we need to sometimes just be disconnected from it all. Well, not completely, but at least temporarily.

After reading this, you’ll be thinking how lucky you are to have come to hear of this new concept called WWOOF-ing, it stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” and started in England in 1971. The countries with the biggest organic farms today are Australia and New Zealand. And today, we’re lucky to have some in France too. One of them is in Peille, just above Monaco, and very very close to the border of Italy.

If you’re from the region, you have a green thumb, or just passing through and curious to have a look, leave a comment below to sign up for some volunteering or hiking around the Peille area, and we’ll give you more information of how to get there or pick you up. It is more than 650 metres above the sea level, and a bit cold in the wintertime, but with some sun or bonfires it is definitely worth this amazing experience of going back to nature.

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