Survival Guide

Visit the best market of Nice – the Flower Market (on Cours Saleya) Open Tuesday – Sunday until 13:00

You just arrived in Nice. Here’s a few tips for you that will make you look less like a tourist:

  1. You are on the bus and want to get a ticket from the driver:
    Say “Un ticket, s’il vous plait” ɛ̃ tikɛ   sil  vu plɛ/
    In case you want two;  say deux -/dø/, three is trois – /tʁwa/, four is quatre – /katʁ/, etc.
  2. “Plan your meals” – after having watched Paul Taylor’s video about Paris, you might want to know that Nice and Paris are rather similar! If you want to be on time for lunch, take into account that most good restaurants serve food between 12:00 and 14:00. Don’t be surprised to be yelled at if you try to come in around 14:00, and most restaurants will not even serve you a drink whilst people are still being served food. To make sure you are fed on a Sunday, or a Monday for that matter (the French like to close their shops both those days) make sure you bring a packed lunch!
  3. The magic word for “excuse me” in French is Pardon, you can use it if you don’t understand something, if you want someone to get out of your way, or you can say it if you walk into someone. Rather convenient, mind the pronunciation: /paʁdɔ̃/.
  4. Visit Coco Beach; this is a place for locals. A 15 minute walk from the harbor of Nice, an ideal place to swim. Beautiful rocks, clear water. A fantastic place to watch the sun set.
  5. Go to a bakery, and get a baguette. If a whole one is too much, know that you can ask for a demi-baguette.
  6. Try the macarons! Many flavours to choose from, many shops too. A few suggestions;
    – Pierre Herme; they opened a shop in the renovated part of Gallerie LaFayette. To be found on the ground floor.
    – LAC; rue Giofreddo 49, opened from 9:45 till 19:15 all days except on Sundays. These also are known for their amazing chocolates and fancy desserts.
    – Make your own! There are some courses that offer you to make your own macarons, with a real connoisseur. Leave a comment if you want us to make a reservation for you!
  7. Never expect the waiter to ask you if you want the bill, which is addition. You will be sitting there for a loooong time, instead just go up to the barman and pay. If you manage to get the waiter’s attention, say “L’addition, s’il vous plait” – the bill please.

In case there are more troubled thoughts on your mind, don’t hesitate to post them underneath! Have a great stay in Nice and surroundings 🙂


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