Cinque terre, Five adorable little towns you must have on your bucket list!

This is a thoroughly unique place on the Italian Riviera, and probably its prettiest part. Cinqueterre stands for “five lands”, and this are now 5 different villages that attract thousands of tourists each month. The best way to explore this area, is to go by train – the Italian tourist website recommends this, seen as finding a place to park the car is very tricky. There is also a boat, in case you want to go via the sea.
To live the full experience, you’d have to go here in your hiking gear, and you could even camp out in summer. It is a natural park, so it is best visited by foot! It is a lovely way to explore the area. The names of all five towns are; Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, they all have their own train station, and trains go every 20-30 minutes; the website even says that in case of train strikes, 90% of the trains will still be going. Seen as the number of tourists has increased rapidly, it is no longer possible to hike to all of them, some paths have been closed because of too big an amount of people.

For the ferry timetable, see below.


Source : Cinqueterre a tourist . com



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