Change of the Guards

Outside the prince’s Palace in Monaco, every day at exactly 11:55 the so called carabiniers change shifts. The Royal family that has been ruling since the 13th century is called the Grimaldi family, originally from Genoa. Do you want to know what it is that they guard? Well, the Prince’s Palace is the private residence of Albert II and is forbidden for public – however you can take a look inside the State Apartments in the exceptional style of Louis XIV, the frescos (fresh paint, a technique used by the Italians to make mural paintings) that depict the story of the principality’s Saint Devote. Marble mosaics and staircases that date back to the 13th century, it is utterly awe inspiring. Other beautiful objects is the Florentine furniture from the 17th century, and the coat of arms of Monaco that is above the throne in the Throne Room, with the motto of the Monegasques: “Deo Juvante”, with God’s Help.
The State Apartments are exceptionally open to public from March 26th to October 16th, from 10:00 till 18:00 (note that last visitors can enter at 17:30).
Prices are €8 for adults, and €4 for children from 8-14/students. To avoid the waiting line, buy your tickets online on the official page of the Palais Monaco.

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