Villa Rothchild

This villa dates back to the very beginning of the 20th century, and tells us the story of Barones Beatrice de Rothchild. She deliberately chose a wide variety of mixes, in order to decorate the interior – such as the Louis XVI furnitute. The main hall is typically Italian Renaissance, the carpets, China and many more beautiful belongings are all to be found in this fantastic museum. The items she would choose at the train station of Beaulieu, right at the platform.

The second floor has a projector playing an 18 minute film about Beatrices live. Dont forget to watch the fountains from the upstairs patio, and listen to the classical music that goes along with it. In total there are 7 gardens, the most beautiful ones being the French garden, the Japanese garden, the rose garden and the cactus garden.

If you are early, make sure you have a bite to eat here, or eat some ice cream. Prices are high, but you are overlooking the bay of Villefranche. Meals can be shared between two people, just ask for an extra plate, une asiette.Photo : Katya de Herder

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